The Mekedella Plateau

About The Mekedella Plateau

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The Mequedella Plateau is situated at a distance of 1 28km from Dessie and 28km from Adjibar. This appealing place is 2787m above sea level with a length of 2.5km and a width of 1 .5 km, more else the plateau has a rectangular shape. A naturally strategic spot for a military mission, the Mekedella Plateau has only two entries:</p> <p>the one in the north named &#39;Kokit&#39; and the other one in the south named &#39;Kafir&#39;. The plateau is a valuable site in the history of Ethiopia. It was the last administrative center for Emperor Thewodros II after Gonder and Debre Tabor. It was here that the Emperor confronted the British Army in 1 868. It was also here that the treasury was looted by the British Army, which included such precious items as the Emperor&#39;s crown, his golden tumbler, a variety of manuscripts and a few more other heritages. The only young son of the Emperor, Prince Alemayehu was captured and fetched to London by the same army. Fortunately enough, the remains of the two cannons, one of the most remarkable signs of Emperor Thewodros&#39;s grand ambitions to built a giant military are clearly visible at the Mekdella Plateau, the massive one called &#39; Sebastopol&#39; weighing 1 6000pnds, and the smaller one weighing 2-3000 pnds. At the moment, this magnificent historical place has become much more easily accessible to tourists as a result of the collaboration effort of the surrounding community&#39;s, the regional, zonal and Tenta district culture and tourism offices.</p> <p>The necessary infrastructures and facilities are now a reality: a 1 7km road to the actual spot, 8 lodges, a local guide, a tour management system, a waitress and watchman</p>

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