The Ayteyef Hall and the Royal Buildings (Hall of No Segregation)

About The Ayteyef Hall and the Royal Buildings (Hall of No Segregation)

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>With the advice of Emperor Menelik II, as some sources indicated, Ras Mikeal left Tenta (Were Himano) in favor of Kuru Amba (at Hara Wobelo) around Gerado area, a few kilometers from Dessie. After some time Ras Mikael came to 55 Dessie and constructed his permanent residence or Ghibi at the northern tip of the Jemmie hill. Ras Mikael&rsquo;s settlement at Jemmie, which amounted to Dessie&rsquo;s foundation, was a fateful decision. In early 1 900s Ras Mikael built his palace buildings as well as a large banquet hall that came down in history as Ayteyefe Addarash (&lsquo;A Hall of No Segregation&rsquo;) which is 27 meters wide, 47.27 meters long, and spacious enough to accommodate 1 500 people at a time. The naming of the hall, &#39;Ayiteyef&#39;, is denotative of the fact that there was no discrimination of the individuals invited to the hall for eating and drinking, in short they were equally and honorably admitted to the official ceremony. The construction involved some Indians and several Arab masons and carpenters. As a reward for their services Nigus Michael gave them a place to reside at Chiqaw Mender (muddy hamlet) which, after their settlement, has been known as Arab Genda (Quarter of Arabs).The composition of the hall is unusual, with its blocks cemented together by a mixture of lime, egg-yolk and rye flour. Ras Mikael&rsquo;s selection of Ayteyefe in Dessie as a seat of his regional&nbsp;</p> <p>control the movement of his adversaries from a distance. More importantly, the Tossa mountain chains to the west and Azwa Gedel and Doro Mezleya to the east made Dessie in general and Ayteyef in particular a naturally defended strategic place. The fortified location of Ayteyef had greatly eased Mikael&rsquo;s security anxiety. The five main gateways: Titaber and Qurqurbera thoroughfare to Tigray; Kutaber &ndash; a vital gate to Begemider; Girarambaber- a doorway to the southeast; and BilenGeradober &ndash; an alleyway to Shewa and Gojjam conferred Ayteyef&#39;s enormous strategic advantages.</p>

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