Merho Ghibi (palace of Prince Assfaw Wossen)

About Merho Ghibi (palace of Prince Assfaw Wossen)

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Merho Ghibi is one of the most historical and significant place of Dessie city. It is located at the north-western edge of the city. The historical establishment of the Ghibi (palace) is related with the war captives (prisoners), who became Ras Mikael&rsquo;s domestic slaves, were given land to settle to the north-west of Dessie. This special quarter grew in popularity and took the name Merho Ghibi after the 1 974 revolution (AssefaBalcha, 201 1 ). Meriho Ghibi, is a spot where the first Italian Consulate (1 907) was established. It later became the palace of Prince Asfa Wossen, son of Haile Sellassie, heir to the throne when he was appointed as governor of Wello in the early 1 930s.The first clinic attached to the Italian legation was also opened in 1 91 1 in the premises of Meriho Ghibi. Moreover, at Meriho Ghibi Emperor Haile Selassie was photographed and still now it is preserved as a heritage</p>

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