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Kombolcha (Amharic: ኮምቦልቻ) is a city and woreda in north-central Ethiopia. Located in the Debub Wollo Zone of the Amhara Region, it has a latitude and longitude of 11°5′N 39°44′E with an elevation between 1842 and 1915 meters above sea level. Some guide books describe Kombolcha as the twin city of Dessie which lies some 13 km to the northwest




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Kombolcha City found in Eastern Oromia Zone and Afar Region West East Gojjam and South Gondar Zone and It is bordered by North Shoa and Oromia Zone to the south
1,855,890 hectares of which 543,728 hectares are used for agriculture
From 10.1 - 11.43 Latitude North and Located in 38.29 - 40.29 Longitude East
Low Land 9.2% Medium 54.4% High Land 35.2% Frost 1.2%