#Gebremedihn Mekonen 10 months ago

<p> It is to be recalled that the Chief of Amhara State recently visited effective natural resource development works in South Wollo Zone.In line with the direction given by the head of state, the top leaders of 15 zones in Amhara State have been given experience by visiting the Delemeene Basin Development in Argoba Nationality Special Woreda.Azebew Sinshaw, head of the Awi Nationality Zone Agriculture Department, and Addis Tefera, head of the South Gondar Zone Agriculture Department, said the local community and leadership have learned how to create a new land by creating jobs for the youth by creating a bare and crumbling mountain.According to senior officials who participated in the visit, they will work to ensure the sustainable benefit of the farmers by implementing this experience in their areas.</pre> <pre> South Wollo Zone Chief Administrator, Seyed Mohammed on his part said the zone is working to increase the benefits of the society by developing fruit, livestock and crop development according to the agro-ecology.In Argoba Nationality Special Woreda, the community is using the energy to make the mountains a source of wealth and to visit the basin, which is a job opportunity for the youth. He said work is underway to expand Argoba&#39;s experience in all woredas.The head of the Argoba Nationality Special Woreda Agriculture Office, Omar Hussein, said we have been successful in our efforts to bring mountainous areas into fruit development.</p>