#Gebremedihn Mekonen 10 months ago

<p>The visit included schools under construction in 11 woredas, including the modern high school built by Tosa Felana in Albko Woreda, First Lady&#39;s Office.South Wollo Zone Education Department Head, Jamal Abegaz, said a lot of work is being done to address the problem of schools, taking advantage of the cessation of education due to the CVD-19 epidemic.He said the visit was aimed at identifying the problems of secondary and primary schools under construction in several woredas with the participation of the community, safety net, almanac and regular capital budget.Speaking on behalf of the Wollo people, the head of the department said efforts are underway to provide manpower and various educational resources, including teachers, on behalf of the people of Wollo. Deputy Head of the Amhara Regional State Education Bureau, Tefera Feisa, on his part, thanked the First Lady, Zinash Tayachew, for constructing four schools in Amhara State, including the one built in Albko Woreda.He said the education bureau is in the process of supplying furniture and will do what the region needs to do. According to the Deputy Head of the Office, the local leadership, parents, teachers and students must be prepared to fulfill their responsibilities in order to produce qualified students as it is the main process and result. South Wollo Zone Chief Administrator, Seyed Mohammed, said the school, built by First Lady Zinash Tayachew, is a source of pride and a great gift to Wollo.He also said that the post-change leadership will be seen as a worthy example to the people who are asking what has changed.On behalf of the Wollo people and the South Wollo Zone Administration, Mr. Seid Mohammed expressed his gratitude to the First Lady for showing the change in practice and results.</p>