xAmhara Regional State Woreda and City Administration Subsidy Budget Allocations

#Betelhem Haile 10 months ago

x<p>The Amhara Regional State Finance and Economic Cooperation Bureau, for its part, said it is investigating the problems, adding that the main problem is the lack of understanding on the budget allocation system and the problem of budget management. Amhara State has approved more than 62 billion birr for the 2013 budget year. Following this, a large number of woredas and city administrations have complained that the budget allocated to them is small, and some of them have complained that the budget is for salaries only. The Amhara Regional Finance and Economic Development Cooperation Bureau organized a forum in Dessie with the participation of all zonal and city administration department heads and relevant experts organized by the South Wollo Zone Finance and Economic Cooperation Department. . Over the past five years, the Amhara Regional State has been able to manage its regular and capital budgets for the benefit of the people.&nbsp;</p> <p>According to some woredas and city administrations, the subsidy budget is not allocated to the population, but the region will follow a single spending strategy based on education, health, agriculture, livestock, water and drinking water as well as capital budget estimates and woreda skins.North Shoa Zone Department Head, Mekash Alemayehu, East Gojjam Zone Department Head, Atklit Tasabi and South Wollo Zone Department Head, Etenesh Getachew, said that many woredas and city administrations have complained about the budget deficit.In fact, some woredas have not been allocated more than their salaries.The department officials said they have been informing the state about the budgeted woredas and are working to create awareness among the woredas and city administrations.</p> <p>Amhara Regional State Finance and Economic Cooperation Bureau Deputy Head of the Budget Sector, Meseret Adugna, on her part said that the budget is being addressed by woredas and city administrations.According to the deputy bureau chief, the main problem is not the lack of budget but the problem of budget management. Most of the low budget requests are from woredas and city administrations that do not complete their revenue plans.</p>