South Wollo Zone Amhara National Development Association (ALMA) has donated 2.7 million birr to the needy people.

#Gebremedihn Mekonen 10 months ago

<p><strong>ADA </strong>is an association that is benefiting the people of Amhara by implementing large projects in social and various development activities.For the fourth time in Kombolcha, it has provided 25 kilograms of flour, 25 kilograms of rice, cooking oil and sanitation to 83 low-income people at a cost of 127,000 birr each.South Wollo Zone Alma Coordinating Office Head, Abebaw Tadesse, said his office has provided sanitation materials to all woredas since the outbreak. Kombolcha City Mayor&#39;s Office Head, Kedir Andris thanked Alma for its support for the 4th time as the community can be prevented by supporting and supporting the epidemic.He said 1.7 million birr has been provided to 1,800 people with food and hygiene items to alleviate the burden of the epidemic.A resident of Kombolcha, Yimer Abate, says he is able to support himself and his family during the day. They say that being a victim is a distraction for me. ADA thanked her for providing food assistance that has taken them out of a difficult situation.In the same vein, <strong>W / ro Alem </strong>and they are working part-time.They say their legs are broken and they are unable to move as usual and they find it difficult to work out of the house because of the epidemic.</p>