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<p>Addis Ababa Municipality was established in 1909.The very basic cause was the city&#39;s population growth, economic activity and rising land area and also the need to properly handle various people coming from different parts of Ethiopia. During Emperor Menelik&#39;s reign, Addis Ababa went through a transition into modernization and sustainable development activities. After the establishment of the municipality, a French citizen called Mr. Lilo Shefanu and a Syrian citizen named Mr. Adelebi pressured the council to relocate to Adwa cinema. City hall and the house was called &quot;house union&rdquo;. This designation was as a result of the pressure imposed by Mr.Idlib. The former &quot;Union City house&#39;&#39; designation reassignment was due to &quot;Municipality&quot; is an English word and could not represent Addis Ababa, therefore, in 1920 EC, Behiruyi Wolde-Selassie gave the name &ldquo;Mazegaja Bet&quot;. At that time due to the reason of city&rsquo;s population growth and security, in 1926 EC it started working in 16 major categories with more than 250 employees. And the departments were Mayors Office, inheritance, class, mapping and approximate bearing, the judiciary, Yearada Zebegna, a vehicle and driver&#39;s license / Gambling Control Department, including / cleaning work of the Finance Control Room, a secret room / medical / special chamber / part of the contract, Fire accident prevention are part of the Senior class. These are the major parts of the department and had branches in each sub-section. The registry office above the main parts of the pedestals, but development of the town was not satisfactory according to different Publications. The city council had to establish and improve its services and build a new building due to growing problem associated with the growth of the city to improve and provide better services to the residents, and the current building was built and is in service up to date.</p>


<p>Enable Addis Ababa City government among one of medium income cities in the year 2020 competing with such cities with conductive life style and an example of good governance</p>


<p>Enable Addis Ababa City government peaceful. Secure and good governance becoming conducive for residents social and economic benefits and needs as well as international diplomatic city.</p>


<ul> <li>Accountability</li> <li>Transparency</li> <li>Readiness to change</li> <li>Leading by Knowledge</li> <li>Service Excellency</li> </ul>


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