W|z Siheen Poly Technic College

About W|z Siheen Poly Technic College

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Located in Dessie town north east of piazza and established by W/z Siheen Michael, Emperor Michael&#39;s daughter at the expense 25 thousand Italian currency on July 7, 1 931 , W/Z Siheen Poly Technic College was the first school in Wello except the Catholic Adventist and the Catholic Mission schools. It became the first general primary school in 1 939. Later in 1 950, after the provision of the required materials, it was changed into a general secondary school. In 1 953 Empress Mennen built a handicraft school at the expense of 60 thousand Italian currency. At the moment, it is providing its own service to the public as a polytechnic college.</p>

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