Set Askoretetch

About Set Askoretetch

<p>Located 6km from Bistima, Set Askoretetch is one of the historical attractions of south wello Zone.<strong>&nbsp;</strong>After Emperor Dil Naod, the local leader of. As a result of this, she marmot and engraved the mountain. Eventually, she got sun bath. Tehuledre was a woman named Birqesa who used Debre Igziabher as a political center which is situated to the west of mount &#39;Set Askerotetch&#39; (A woman&#39;s marmot). The same mountain was used as a comfortable<strong>&nbsp;</strong>place for her sun bath, but the mountain block the sun shine and this is why she marmot the center of it, and eventually she has got the sun bath, and the name &#39;Set Askerotetch&#39; is derived.</p>

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